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Territory Stickman Unblocked


Territory War Online, otherwise called T.W.O. This game comprises two groups of stick figures set against one another in an assortment of stages. There are numerous weapons to pick from, for example, expert rifleman rifle, explosives, and the damaging rocket launcher. Territory Wars Online was made by Shawn Tanner a.k.a. Afro Ninja, proprietor of Afro-Ninja Productions and first appeared on May 26, 2008, in sites, for example, XGen Studios, Addicting Games, and Shawn Tanner’s own special Afro-Ninja site. Play Territory War 3 with more weapons and advanced levels.
Territory War unblocked

How to play:

This stick figure war is based around the idea of battling your group against another with the victory as the cheerful result. Stickman territory war works your way from fight to fight, opening more dimensions and proceeding with your experience to end up the most elite in this battling game. Doing combating in stickman territory wars is basic, you are given the alternative to move your character, in the wake of moving a set separation, you may pick 1 of 3 unique assaults. A weapon in stick figure battle game might be utilized for long separation assaults, it does little harm however quite possibly you will receive a one-hit headshot execute. You may kick your rivals, shoot them and take them down from a grenade.  The development include is staggering, enabling each character to move the very same separation in each move, any way you have full control of the development until the point that you achieved the set separation, you can even hop. The fights can at times belong, yet constantly fun. Territory War 1 is an inside and out extraordinary system/activity game that will keep you engaged for no less than a decent half-hour.


The game has 8 levels and 6 challenges. In the level mode, you have to complete the first round to unlock the next one. but in the challenge mode, you can take any challenge to improve your skills.
Mouse to “Aim”, Keyboard to “Move” and Space for “Jump”. Watch the video to understand better gameplay.