stunt simulator html5

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Stunt Simulator Unblocked, Play Online Car Stunt Game for free

Stunt Simulator is for car lovers, developed by FreezeNova and it was released in 2018. You can only play it on your desktop and choose from two maps. With ten types of cars, you can practice and become skilled in driving and racing, or the pro-level car riders can show off their skills in these stunt simulators. The ten sexy cars are Compact, Super, APC, Muscle, Truck, Big Rig, Coupe, Racer, Sport, and Concept.

stunt simulator unblocked

Stunt Simulator:

There are no rules in the city, and it is high time you choose from 10 stunt simulators, test your skills, and polish them further. Just take the keys, start driving them, and perform different stunts and tricks; as a result, you will get a reward in return. The game is made like the car configuration, and doing some drifting won’t hurt anybody. Start playing this game, show the world your passion for cars, and dodge the other AI cars that are keeping an eye on you. One fantastic factor about the game is that you can play it in single and multiplayer modes.

stunt simulator html5


  • WASD or arrow keys to move the car
  • Esc to exit or pause the menu
  • Tab to reset the car
  • The space button is for the hand brake
  • Left or right shift to change gear
  • Ctrl for nitro

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