Super Friday Night Funkin’ Unblocked, Play Free HTML5 Game

Friday Night Funkin is a musical platformer in which you must help your boyfriend (the Friday Night Funkin) to beat a rival dancer. You must follow the music to help your boyfriend win the dance battles. The addictive gameplay and catchy tunes’ll hook you.

Super Friday Night Funkin

There are many modes in the game to keep you coming back for more. Story Mode will see you help Friday Night Funkin beat a rival in a weekly dance battle. You can also try the Battle Mode, which will see you compete with other players in a dance fight. You can also practice your moves before you take on the competition in the Practice Mode.

super friday night funkin unblocked

Enjoy The Music

You must keep up the beat no matter which mode you play to help your boyfriend succeed. There are many songs to choose from, each offering unique challenges. To help your boyfriend win, you will need to time your button presses correctly.