Tap Tap Shots Unblocked, Play HTML5 Online Game for free

Looking for a fun new game to keep you entertained? Look no further than Tap Tap Shots! This simple but addictive game will have you trying to beat your own high score in no time. All you need is a quick hand and steady aim – can you prove yourself a champion shooter? Give it a try today!

Tap Tap Shots Unblocked

Tap Tap Shots is a simple game, but one that will prove to be quite the challenge. Your objective is to shoot the ball in between all of the moving bars. You will need to be precise with your movements or else you might get distracted by one of the many obstacles that are bouncing around the arena.

Tap Tap Shots Unblocked

Each time you shoot the ball, it will rebound off of several moving bars until eventually hitting the last one. Be careful to watch which ones you hit and which ones you don’t or else your high score might not be as impressive.


As the game starts, there will always be three moving bars. They bounce around the screen, changing directions whenever you shoot a ball at them. Remember to keep your aim steady so that you don’t miss any bars. You can shoot the ball by tapping on your screen, but be careful that you don’t tap when a moving bar is in the way. That would be a pretty embarrassing tap!

As you continue to shoot balls at the bars, more will start appearing on screen. It is important that you keep track of which ones you have and haven’t hit. If any of the bars touch the bottom, then it’s game over. You can try to beat your high score by continuing to shoot balls at the bars, but if you miss even one shot then it will be the end of your run.

Final Words

Tap Tap Shots is a fun and casual game that can help to pass some time. It’s great for keeping your hand-eye coordination up to par while you wait for the bus or spend any time in line. Who knows, maybe if you get good enough at the game you could start taking some cash prizes in an arcade!