temple of boom unblocked

Marshall Fiore

Play Temple of Boom Unblocked For Free And Online

Get set for an awesome adventure with Temple of Boom! Imagine stepping into a rad old-school cartoon filled with thrills (and lots of spooky, thrilling surprises!) at every turn. If you dig intense action and that classic game feel, you’re in for a wild ride!

Temple of Boom:

The game is based on ancient ruins that have been discovered by some daring adventurers. The ruins are full of hidden treasures, but also hold unpredictable dangers. However, the possibilities for riches and adventure drive people from all over the world to take on this quest.

temple of boom unblocked


Temple of boom is a 1P and 2P game, where you can play alone or with a friend. In solo mode, your mission is to clear all the waves and collect all the coins, but in a 2 player mode your goal is to eliminate your friend.

temple of boom

The game offers treasure chest to choose different weapons, and you will experience many cool weapons while playing. Gold coins to unlock new characters and cool power-ups are also hidden throughout the game.


The solo have two modes campaign and endless. In Campaign, you will go through 3 Temples each temple have series of levels. In endless mode, you play a continuous level till you die.



  • Jump:
  • Move Left/Right: ←→
  • Pick up Weapon:
  • Shoot: Z
  • Switch Weapon: X

Player 1:

  • Jump: W
  • Move Left/Right: A/D
  • Pick up Weapon: S
  • Shoot: C
  • Switch Weapon: V

Player 2:

  • Jump:
  • Move Left/Right: ←→
  • Pick up Weapon:
  • Shoot: K
  • Switch Weapon: L

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