Super Tetris Unblocked, A Classic Old School for free

Tetris is a puzzle video game designed by Aleksey Pajitnov from June 1984 on Elektronika 60. Tetris Unblocked challenges the player to complete lines by moving pieces of different shapes, the tetrominoes, which scroll from the top to the bottom of the screen. Completed lines disappear while earning points and the player can refill the freed boxes. This old classic game has no end: the player loses the game when a tetromino is stuck at the top.

Rotate virtual blocks to match screen elements that we offer in this online Tetris game. If you like the Tetris game and want to play a few games, you don’t need to download it. Now we offer it online, so you no longer have to worry about downloading data to your mobile. Click this game and have fun building horizontal lines to destroy and raise your block’s level in no time. Tetris is one of the most popular games in the video game industry. Millions of people like to play Tetris for free because this is a fun and straightforward game that you can enjoy for many hours.

Tetris Unblocked


It was developed in Moscow by a Russian scientist named Alexei Padzhitnov. It was made in June 1985 in the Electronics 60 computer. It was ported to an IBM PC by Vadim Gerasimov to make it publicly available. Many people from all over the world love the free Tetris game and give their creator fame.

In July 1986, the game became popular in Budapest, Hungary. Hungarian developers have developed versions for Commodore 64 and Apple II. Robert Stein (President of Andromeda Software, a British company) was impressed with this new game and tried to get its rights. He turned to Pidzhitnov and, although no arrangements were made, made an “occasional agreement” about the IBM version.

Lunch New Version

He sold the new version of the Spectrum Holobyte Pergamon Foundation to Robert Maxwell Pergamo, Microsoft UK, and a US subsidiary before he could contact Pajitnov. In November 1986, Stein sent a contract for the match to the academy and then flew to Moscow to reach an agreement with Pajitnov. However, game makers indicate that permission does not exist because it has never been consulted before. Because of this, Stein did not accept the contract and had to return empty-handed. Stein tried to make a game theft plan and blamed Russian programmers.

Tetris Game

Microsoft Released

Finally, Microsoft released Tetris with great enthusiasm. It was quickly gaining popularity. The original version was full of Russian topics, but Stein could not obtain his rights. But Stein didn’t stop there. He is determined to get full rights to the game. His perseverance was finally realized in June 1987 when he received a license to make a game version for IBM and a supported system that could be used by any computer system. In this way, he gained ownership of Tetris’s rights even though he had not signed a contract with Russia.


As of January 1988, te-tris can be used on any home computer. It received many positive reviews and quickly sold out in all department stores. Stein’s plan to steal the rights to the game was sabotaged when CBS News interviewed Pajitnov as the creator of the game.


Tetris Online is mainly composed of a playing field where pieces of different shapes, called tetrominoes, descend from the top of the screen. During this descent, the player can only move the pieces sideways and rotate them on themselves until they touch the bottom of the playing field or a part already placed. The player cannot slow down or prevent the falling of coins, but in some versions can speed it up.

Tetris Unblocked


The goal for the player is to make as many lines as possible, to keep space to place future pieces. Once a range is completed, it disappears, and the blocks above drop by one row.

Te-tris High Score Record

The player gets a score, which primarily depends on the number of lines made during the game.

According to the Record Setter:

Matthew Buco achieved the highest possible score of 999,999 points in Te tris(NES). He accomplished the feat with only 207 completed lines.

Game Over

If the player fails to remove the lines quickly enough, the screen can fill up to the top. When a tetromino crosses the field of play and prevents the arrival of additional tetrominoes, it ends.

Te tris free Endless Game

The game never ends with the player’s victory. Before losing, the player must try to complete as many lines as possible. Doing this can eliminate several fronts at once, earning it bonus points in most versions of the game. It is possible to complete up to 4 lines at the same time.

Tetris Online

How to play Te-tris?

  • Right Arrow Key: Move the Block Right
  • Left Arrow Key: Move the Block Left
  • Up/Down Arrow Key: Rotate the Block

There are seven types of blocks in the game:

  • I-blocks
  • O-blocks
  • L-blocks
  • J-blocks
  • S-blocks
  • Z-blocks
  • T-blocks