The Floor is Lava Unblocked, Play HTML5 Online Game for free

There’s a reason why “the floor is lava” has been a classic playground game for generations. It’s just a lot of fun to watch people try to navigate the room without ever touching the ground. Also, play Cat Mario Unblocked for free.


The game is easy and simple; you stand on an object and try to move across the room without touching the floor. What makes the Physics lesson “the floor is hot lava” memorable?

The Floor is Lava Unblocked

Weight & Jump

It is essential to think about the effects of your weight on your performance during the game. If you take a big step and attempt to race across the room, you’ll likely fall before getting much further.

However, it’s unlikely to make it any distance when you attempt to cross the room using small baby steps. You’ll be able to travel the room quickly when you try to mimic the motion of a high-jumper (who leaps from foot to foot in a ).

Momentum in Game

Second, this game contains yet another important physics lesson: momentum. Try this experiment to see what we mean: kick a ball across the room and then try to stop it.

How to play the Floor is Lava Game?

In general, the more momentum (or energy) something has, the bigger it is, and the faster it moves. Momentum, believe it or not, is what makes “the floor is lava” possible in the first place.

how to play the floor is lava game

Swinging their leg in front of the ball or puck is how most kids try to stop it. However, this has the opposite effect: when you try to stop the ball by kicking it, their legs end up pushing it even further!

Other Games

But don’t worry – it’s not all about physics. On the floor, there are a variety of other games to play. Why not try playing with your children, for example? You can play various fun games with your friends, such as Hopscotch and Four Square.

Alternatively, try to pretend to play if you want to spice things up. This can be done in a variety of ways. Pretend the floor is lava and the table is a lifeboat, for example. How would your children communicate? They could try to make a bridge out of chairs or books, or they could jump over the table.