The World’s Easiest Game Ever, Play Easyest Quiz of the World

This is The World’s Easiest Game #1! It is an Easier and funniest online game that you have ever played, or even won’t play. Work your way through 36 unimaginably simple dimensions and guarantee your spot on the world low-score board.

The World’s Easiest Game Ever


This is the world’s easiest game that is known as the easiest test on the planet. The inquiries of the worlds easyest game are simple and enjoyable to answer and it is practically difficult to misunderstand them, or possibly not? Work your way through the test helping the feline answer the majority of the inquiries in the game accurately to keep him glad. Play the easiest game in the world and stump yourself! Need a break from the epic game activity? Get a simple win with this quiz. A couple (alright, more than 100) basic inquiries are all together that lays among you and that cheerful PWNage feeling you get when you complete it. This quiz isn’t a simple one, you have to pay intension to the game for a better win.

The Worlds Easiest Game


In this game, there are many quizzes and challenges you have to face. Some are easy and some are very easy.  If you don’t guess the right answer you lose a point. There’re 9 points you got at the start of the game. Play the easiest game in the world and stump yourself! Pass the 110 levels and enhance your intelligence.

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