Vegas Crime City Unblocked, Play Online HTML5 Game free

The new Vegas Crime City video game is a great alternative to Grand Theft Auto. You can live the life of a Sin City criminal with this free online game. Also, try Miami Crime Simulator 3D.

Vegas Crime City Unblocked

Vegas Crime City is an open-world action-adventure video game in Las Vegas’ fictional city of Las Venturas. It is played in a third-person view and can be accessed by foot or vehicle.

Vegas Crime City Unblocked

The cover allows players to hide behind objects to avoid enemy gunfire. A Wanted system is also available in the game, allowing law enforcement to respond to players who have committed crimes.

How To Play?

You will play the role of a criminal mastermind in Vegas Crime City. This will be possible by performing missions and heists while also avoiding the police.

You will see your criminal avatar at all times on the screen. The game is played in a third-person view. To move around, you will need to use the W/A/S/D and the mouse to navigate. You will need the left and right mouse buttons to perform actions.