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Get ready for a great adventure on a dangerous and exciting platform with the Vex 3 unblocked game! In this third edition, you skillfully guide the stick figure through walls and beams. Complete all phases as fast as possible with great expertise. You can also create your levels, as expected in Vex 3 unblocked! Also Play Vex 4 for free.

Vex 3

There are many ways to avoid traps. This time we played a game that avoided pitfalls. I am thinking about trying it.
When someone is in trouble like this trap, You might miss it. So this is a trap that must be avoided or filtered.

vex 3


  • You can adjust the volume this way, But that’s the game environment.
  • You can control it.
  • It is good to use it well.

vex 3 unblocked

How do I play Vex 3 Unblocked?

  • Watch out for the pointed trap on the platform.
  • Enter the green portal as soon as possible so you can reach the top of the ranking.
  • Open the build options to create your game level.
  • Follow Stick in this great adventure and have fun online on our website!