Vex 4 Unblocked, Play Vex 4 by KIZI at for free – No Flash

In Vex 4, your goal is to navigate challenging levels, using agility and problem-solving to avoid traps and reach the finish line. To keep things fresh, the developers added new features. You can now choose from different characters, each with unique abilities. There are also new level types that require teamwork to progress.

Changes Made:

To avoid traps, click Play Games on the Vex4 home screen to start the game. There are other settings or sections for trophies that you don’t care about. The game continues, avoiding different traps to achieve your goal! Boise has to look at the side of the flag, i.e. B. screen, and hold it well to remove it. It’s also important to progress as the game progresses to earn star points. I go intending to avoid obstacles.

vex 4


It’s easy to identify patterns, so it’s important to do lots of things! I have arrived at my destination and have a wooden entrance. Enter the unnamed ones and wait for what the next screen looks like. You will see information about Complete Level and its history.

How to Play Vex 4?

Pressing the spin button goes to the next step and pressing the play button. I made it to the next level and played. When you want to get back to recording! Repeat the icon You can do this by pressing it. Then you will see new traps, so try to solve them one by one!

Vex 4 unblocked