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In our daily lives, a barrage of images and messages bombards us through various media channels like television, social media, and advertisements. These influential elements shape our perceptions, steering our thoughts, actions, and behaviors. The creation of the “We Become What We Behold” game aims to delve into and explain this complex scenario.

We Become What We Behold:

“We Become What We Behold” is a compelling game that offers a stark commentary on how media molds societal behavior in a cyclical fashion. Through its simplistic gameplay, the game emphasizes that the content we consume can intricately mold our actions and mindset. Furthermore, it suggests that media coverage has the power to amplify and distort societal issues. This game serves not only as entertainment but also as a profound social experiment in understanding the ripple effects of media narratives.

we become what we behold unblocked


The gameplay of this enthralling experience is both simple and direct. Players step into the shoes of a skilled photographer assigned to capture captivating images of events unfolding in a vibrant city. Each photograph taken by the player gains instant prominence on the news bulletin, seamlessly becoming part of the media coverage. As the collection of images grows, intriguing patterns emerge, shedding light on how the media selectively amplifies specific issues and manipulates public perception.

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How To Play:

Click on different events and people to capture them with your camera. Each photo will be displayed on the news bulletin, and as you continue capturing more images, patterns will emerge. These patterns are the core of this game’s message and serve to illustrate how media coverage can shape public perception.


The game’s title, We Become What We Behold, encapsulates its central theme: the media has a significant impact on our thoughts and actions. The continuous consumption of sensationalized news and images can lead to desensitization, amplification of certain issues, and ultimately an altered perception of reality. It forces us to question the authenticity and motives behind media coverage and how it may contribute to societal issues.


Can You Play We Become What We Behold on Mobile?

No, due to its design and gameplay, We Become What We Behold is only available to play on desktop or laptop computers.

How Long Does the Game Last?

The game’s length may vary depending on how quickly players capture images and uncover patterns. On average, it can take 10-20 minutes to complete a full playthrough.

Can You Get A Good Ending In We Become What We Behold?

This game is not designed to have multiple endings, as its core purpose is to convey a message about the media and public perception. However, players can aim to capture all the significant events and images in the game for a sense of completion.

Can You Make Peace In We Become What We Behold?

As players, you do not have control over the events and actions of the characters in the game. Therefore, it is not possible to make peace in We Become What We Behold.

Is We Become What We Behold A Horror Game?

No, We Become What We Behold is not a horror game. But this game offers blood, violence, and some sensitive themes that may not be suitable for all players.

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