whack your ex unblocked

Marshall Fiore

Play Whack Your EX Unblocked (No Flash) For free And Online

Whack Your Ex is an HTML5 game available online, sharing similarities games like “Whack the Teacher” and “Whack Your Boss.” It blends dark humor with interactive gameplay, placing players in the shoes of a character coping with a recent breakup and seeking vengeance against their ex-partner.

Whack Your EX

Whack your Ex provides a cathartic experience, allowing players to enact various fictional revenge scenarios on an ex-partner. It portrays animated characters engaging in exaggerated acts of violence in a cartoonish and over-the-top style.

whack your ex no flash


You can choose from a range of different objects to inflict harm upon your ex, such as a car, a gift, or even a big boot. Each object has its own unique animation and sound effects to make the experience more engaging and satisfying.

whack your ex unblocked

The game also offers multiple endings depending on how you choose to exact your revenge. Some scenarios may lead to your ex getting seriously injured, heart broken, or even killed. However, other endings may involve your ex escaping relatively unscathed or even turning the tables on you.

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