wheely 2 unblocked

Marshall Fiore

Play Wheely 2 Unblocked (No Flash) Game For Free And Online

Prepare yourself for an enthralling journey with Wheely 2, the eagerly awaited sequel to the beloved game developed by Pegas Games in September 2013. Wheely 2 offers an engaging online puzzle experience suitable for players of all ages, boasting an immersive storyline and interactive gameplay.

Wheely 2:

This game blends puzzle-solving with a romantic narrative to captivate players. Assume the role of Wheely, a lovable red car, embarking on a courageous journey to reunite with his beloved pink car companion. The challenge?

wheely 2 unblocked

Getting past 16 levels, each featuring unique characters and demanding puzzles that require shrewdness and agility. The journey is not a smooth ride: there are obstacles to overcome, paths to clear, and potential traps that can end Wheely’s journey prematurely.


In this puzzling adventure, you’ll delve into the intricate world of levers, cogs, and buttons. Your mission? Guide Wheely through a maze of challenges using your trusty left mouse button. But beware: brute force alone won’t cut it. Timing is key as you navigate mobile puzzle pieces and dodge moving obstacles.

wheely 2 no flash


Use mouse clicks to interact with the game, and guide Wheely through his adventure.

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