Wood Block Puzzle Unblocked, Play HTML5 Game for free

Wood Block Puzzle is an online puzzle game in which you must carefully place differently shaped wooden blocks into the play area. The goal of the game is to fill in as much of the space as possible with wooden blocks. As you place each block, they will drop onto one another using gravity, so timing and placement are crucial when making your moves.

To make things even more difficult, you will only be able to place a block onto the play area if it touches at least one other block or the edge of the game board. This makes for an intense and exciting puzzle-solving experience that’s sure to test your mental acuity and challenge your problem-solving skills.

Wood Block Puzzle Unblocked


Wood Block Puzzle is a classic block-stacking game where you must arrange differently shaped blocks to form complete lines. The goal of the game is to clear all the blocks before it’s too late! Each time you make a completed line, it will disappear and give you points toward your score. You must plan your moves carefully as if you are stuck with gaps between your blocks, you won’t be able to fit in any more pieces.

How To Play Wood Block Puzzle Unblocked?

Use your mouse to place blocks of different shapes and sizes onto the game board. The goal is to fit as many blocks on the board as you can without overlapping any pieces. To move a block, simply click and drag it into position.

There are 3 different game modes:

  1. EASY: 6×6 grids (36 pieces)
  2. MEDIUM: 9×9 grids (81 pieces)
  3. HARD: 12×12 grids (144 pieces)