Worlds Hardest Game 3, Play The World’s Hardest Game Ever

World’s Hardest Game 3 isn’t for lamentable person that get nervousness or enthusiastic over basic rationale issues that require quick thinking, this game is for champs. The game highlights basic yet amazingly troublesome game stages to finish. These levels are unimaginably baffling to finish thus fulfilling once they are really complete.

worlds hardest game 3


The Worlds Hardest Game 3 Unblocked


The target of each level is to just keep away from the crash with the blue dots. The development of the balls and the apparently unthinkable levels makes WHG genuinely satisfy its name. Anyway, with sufficient time and deaths, you can inevitably beat the levels yet that is exceedingly far-fetched.

The Worlds Hardest Game 3 Unblocked

Levels & Types

WHG features 30 levels and three different types; truly, you can make the game much harder and do as such methods you are insane.

Difficulty types

  • Hard
  • Harder
  • Impossible

Game Features


The World’s Hardest Game 3 is all about keeping your red square away from the blue dots. Use W, A, S, D or Arrow Keys to move your red square. Keep your square in the green zone (safe zone), no dot ever touch you there.

  • UP: W
  • Down: S
  • Right: D
  • Left: A

Visuals & Sound

The visuals are practically offending to the player in that they are easy to the point that the game would seem easy but difficult to beat however that is totally wrong. The sound makes this game more interesting and crazy to play.

More Details about Hardest Game 3

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  • Created by: Stevie Critoph
  • Music by: Snayk

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