wrestle jump unblocked

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Play Wrestle Jump Unblocked (2 Player Game) For Free And Online

Dive into the dynamic world of Wrestle Jump, an engaging wrestling game infused with distinctive physics. Unleash the inner wrestler within as you strive to slam your opponent’s head to the floor and accumulate points. Select from three enticing game modes: solo for a solitary gaming experience, engage in a thrilling face-off with a friend in 2-player mode, or go global by challenging opponents from around the world in the online mode.


Every match is a new challenge with randomly generated maps, ensuring a fresh experience every time you play. Customize the settings to match your play style and take full control of your wrestling experience. The controls are simple – Player 1 can press W or left click the on-screen button, while Player 2 can press M or use the same on-screen button.

wrestle jump unblocked

Release Date:

Wrestle Jump’s latest update in January 2019 introduced a thrilling multiplayer mode where you can compete against worldwide opponents, adding to the game’s replay value. This game is not only limited to your web browser but also available as an iOS app, allowing you to take your wrestling matches on the go.

wrestle jump

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