Zombocalypse Unblocked, Play Zombie Apocalypse game

The Zombocalypse Unblocked, as the name proposes, includes many Zombie Huggables assaulting you. The zombies are summoned by an obscure Huggable wizard atop a mysterious that leaves the ground. The zombies rise out of the ground and continue towards Oliver. The zombies go in appearance, because of contrast in disintegration, with the pink fur ripped to uncover green tissue or bones. Oliver, be that as it may, has pulled out the Infinite Ammo Shotgun in a crisis case, which is expected to make across the board harm the Zombie Huggables. Zombocalypse 1

Zombocalypse Unblocked


In zombie apocalypse Moving left and right on a flat playing field, you need to keep the swarms of zombies at bay by lopping off their heads and utilizing all the capability that tumbles from the sky. You can’t hoard weapons, simply shoot them until the clip is unfilled. At that point, you grab the following firearm that hits the ground or resort to your trusty cleaver. Zombocalypse 2 is the next level of zombie killing game.

zombie apocalypse unblocked


  • Move Left: Left Arrow Key
  • Move Right: Right Arrow Key
  • Attack: Space
  • Pick Items (Weapons): Down Arrow Key
  • Engages the Backup Weapon: Up Arrow Key

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