Word Swipe Online, Play HTML5 Puzzle Game for free


Word Swipe Online

The goal of each game level is to find all of the hidden words. Words can be found across, down, and to the side of the grid. The word will be crossed out when it is found. When all of the words have been found, the game is over.

Word Swipe

There is a time limit for each level, and the player will receive a bonus for finding all the words before the time runs out.

If the player gets stuck, they can use one of the three power-ups:

  1. Reveal a random word – this will highlight a random word in the grid that has not yet been found.
  2. Remove a random letter – this will remove a random letter from the grid, making it easier to find the remaining words.
  3. Skip level – this will allow the player to skip the current level and move on to the next one.

How To Play:

Word Swipe is a game where you need to find hidden words in a grid. The grid is divided into a number of different squares, and each square contains a letter. You need to find all of the words that can be formed by connecting the letters in the squares. The words can be formed in any direction, and you can use each letter square only once. When you find a word, it will be highlighted in the grid.